3.22.1 – [bugfixes]


  • Cards will no longer disappear or fail to load if WotC renumbers the IDs of all of its powers/items/monsters.
  • The canvas will auto-scroll if you drag a widget to the edge of the window.
  • If a resource such as a card or search fails to load, a button will now appear asking if you want to retry the attempt.
  • “Fixed” a longstanding bug that was preventing some users from logging in to the Compendium (the bug is, unfortunately, in the Flash runtime, so it can’t be truly fixed. However, users who run into the bug should still be able to log in if they try it 2-5 times repeatedly).
  • Generally improved reliability of netcode.
  • Set the power browser to display all powers, not just those from rule books. This should among other things, allow classes like the Assassin and Witch to display correctly.
  • Cards that are visible in the power browser will load first.
  • Class traits are once again visible in the class browser.

3.22 – Monster level adjuster



  • Enabled subpixel rendering for most fonts. This should improve the readability of most text in the interface, especially when at at small font sizes.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing parts of a monster’s “Keywords” section to be uneditable.

3.21.4 – [bugfixes]


  • Support for the new Compendium format for items.
  • You can now browse for items of level 0 in the item browser. Be warned! There are…a lot of such items.


  • The dock background now properly extends all the way to the top of the screen.


  • Unfortunately, Wizards appears to have completely renumbered all of the item IDs in the  Compendium. Any items that you’ve imported will have changed to something else, or won’t load at all. I’m trying to find a workaround for this, but one may not exist.

3.21 – The Big One


  • The limit on the number of workspaces has been removed. You can now have an (effectively) unlimited number of spaces.
  • Added a “Pocket” item to the dock. Widgets can be dragged into and out of this pocket. Useful for moving widgets between spaces.
  • When SHIFT-hovering over a widget, a new “duplicate” button will be visible. Clicking or dragging this button will create a copy of the widget.
  • Added a “Trash” item to the dock. Widgets that are deleted are moved to the Trash, instead of being deleted forever. Stores the last 10 deleted items.
  • Implemented local data saves. If you close the Power2ool window before it has a chance to save your changes “to the cloud” (possibly because you’ve lost your internet connection), your changes will be saved to your local machine. They will be synced back to the cloud the next time you visit Power2ool on that machine. If these changes conflict with other changes that you have since made (on another machine), you might notice that you have multiple (but slightly different) copies of some widgets.

Other changes

  • Dragging widgets should feel slightly smoother/more responsive.
  • Widgets can be added to the stage by EITHER clicking their icon in the dock OR dragging it onto the stage.
  • It’s now a little easier to make the delete button appear when the mouse is near the corner of a widget.
  • Internal login UI added (in case your session expires while you’re still using the site).
  • Added various UI prompts and warnings related to local storage.
  • The system does a much better job of automatically recovering from a loss of internet connection.
  • Widgets will look slightly differently when SHIFT-hovered.
  • The “Automatic stats” button in the monster editor has been renamed to “Default stats”


  • Fixed a bug where double-clicking on a non-white section of a card (such as the header) would fail to expend a charge.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging on a non-draggable icon would cause it to become permanently dark.
  • Various bugfixes involving dragging widgets around. Notably, there should be many fewer instances where something being dragged gets permanently “stuck” to the mouse cursor.
  • Improved the way the SHIFT key is detected. More dependable in situations when Power2ool has lost focus. You should get many fewer situations where an edit overlay remains “stuck” after you release SHIFT.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing poor scrolling performance in the workspaces browser.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause tiles in the workspace browser to disappear before they had been scrolled out of view.


  • Finally out of alpha! Not that it’s anywhere near feature-complete. But I’m tired of having to type “alpha” at the beginning of every changelog. And hey, once you have a non-trivial number of users you’re not in alpha anyway.